PSN Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. engaged in researching and manufacturing of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals intermediates from gram scale to commercials scale. Besides that we are also specialized in providing specific solutions to our customers.

Since the establishment of our PSN, we have been insisting on putting our emphasis on the protection of environment and effective management of every link.

We are capable of the reactions like Low Temperature reactions(-20 - -90C ); High-Pressure and High-Temperature reactions(6-8Mpa, up to 250C ); Grignard reaction; Butyl Lithium reaction; Oxidation & Reduction reactions; Diazotization Reaction; Phosgene reactions; Fluoro Derivatives; Bromination; Chlorination; Cyanation; Organometalic reactions; Nitration; Reductive amination etc. We are also good at the synthesis of heterocyclic compounds and complicated compounds through multi-step reactions.

When you are interested in our products or the items which are not listed, please contact us. We could provide testing data like HPLC; GC; MS; NMR; IR; UV; and TLC etc. at the same time.

We strongly belive that the development of our PSN comes from your great help and trust. Once you choose us as your reliable partner, you will definitely feel our good service and satisfied quality. Our PSN is always ready to provide timely, high quality and competitive products to you.

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